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Up to 15% faster DocBook Compare

DocBook Compare now offers up to 15% faster comparison times without compromising accuracy, benefiting users with reduced resource usage.

Meet us (virtually) at Tekom 2021

DeltaXML will be virtually exhibiting and presenting at Tekom 2021, attendees can visit their virtual stand to learn about their XML tools.

Up to 40% faster XML Compare for xHTML documents

XML Compare's latest release offers speed enhancements of up to 40%, beneficial for industries like Finance.

Over 90% faster data comparison with XML Data Compare

DeltaXML's XML Data Compare offers significant speed improvements of over 90% compared to XML Compare.

Where change matters, XML Data Compare finds it faster

XML Data Compare offers rapid and context-aware comparisons for XML data, addressing the need for efficient analysis of change.

Automatic Merge Conflict Resolving for git

This post outlines a method that addresses challenges for automatically resolving merge conflicts in git.

How do I use XML or JSON for information that can be in any order?

We discuss the handling of order in XML and JSON, and the challenge found in schemas.

Introducing XPath Notebooks

DeltaXML introduces XPath Notebooks, offering a versatile solution for developing, testing, and sharing XPath expressions through Visual Studio Code's Notebook ecosystem.

Introducing the New License Management GUI & CLI

DeltaXML introduces a new License Management GUI, offering customers a better experience through the MyDelta portal.

When to use XML Data Compare

XML Data Compare is designed for simpler and more powerful comparison of XML data, offering improved handling of attributes and orderless data.

Are You a DeltaJSON Pro User?

The Professional Plan of DeltaJSON offers access to all features in the SaaS suite, including operations like Graft and Patch and access to the REST API.

Start with the DeltaJSON Starter Plan and Develop Further

DeltaJSON offers tiered subscriptions tailored to different needs, starting with the free Starter Plan.

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