DeltaXML Tools

Our XML and JSON comparison and merging toolkits contain powerful functionality that help users find and manage change just the way they need. However when you’re looking for comparison tools for smaller jobs our catalogue of reliable and accurate tools and plugins can help.

Visual Studio Code Tools

Visual Studio Code is a source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. We’ve created various free tools to help with finding and managing your changing code. These tools can be used with or without the DeltaXML range of toolkits.

XSLT/XPath for Visual Studio Code

The XSLT/XPath extension for VSCode provides comprehensive language support for XSLT 3.0 and XPath 3.1.


For lexical analysis, this extension processes code character-by-character. This analysis is exploited for all features including all syntax highlighting. Avoiding the much more common use of regular expressions on a line-by-line basis brings significant benefits. These benefits include improved responsiveness, lower CPU load, improved code maintainability and full integrity for syntax highlighting.

Auto-completion is provided for XSLT and XPath. This includes contex-aware completion items for all code symbol names. XSLT and XPATH function signatures and descriptions are shown in the description alongside function completion items. The last active non-XSLT file is used as the source to compute available node names for XPath location steps.

This extension performs a comprehensive set of checks on the code, before any XSLT compilation. Thsese checks ensure that any code symbols within XSLT or XPath with problems are accurately identified at the symbol-level. Asynchronous processing for xsl:include/xsl:import dependencies allows checking of references to symbol definitions regardless of the location of the definition.


Although we’ve built our products with integration at the forefront, you can also use our free plugins to integrate the DeltaXML functionality into your favourite XML editors.

DeltaXML’s oXygen Adaptor

The DeltaXML oXygen Adaptor is a free facility for integrating some of our products with the oXygen XML Editor. This adaptor enables the DeltaXML comparison products to be run from within oXygen.


Identify all relevant differences between your XML files using our reliable comparison functionality without having to leave the oXygen app. Control how the comparison is performed and what type of output is produced with DeltaXML comparison pipelines. Most of these parameters can be configured from within the Adaptor. Apply CSS styling to colour differences within your comparison results. Allowing you to produce easy to understand reports for internal and external use.