Products for Comparing and Merging XML and JSON Data

Browse our sophisticated toolkits for comparing and merging XML and JSON files. They interpret the structure of your XML or JSON data in order to find all the changes you need to know about, allowing you to suppress those you don’t.

Flexible APIs and highly configurable outputs are ideal for integration into your enterprise systems or embedding into your own products.


Identify your XML or JSON’s content change with a comparison with 100% guaranteed accuracy. Represent the differences in your XML or JSON by using red lines to vastly improve your ability to view change. Merge your XML or JSON files by accepting or rejecting differences between different XML or JSON versions to create one complete XML file.


Identify all of the relevant differences between XML documents or datasets, no matter how large and complex the files. The results can be output as a marked-up version of the original files, or as a compact XML file with just the changes.

XML Compare
XML Data Compare
DITA Compare
DocBook Compare

Merge multiple file revisions back into a single XML file. It analyses meaningful changes in the underlying XML and uses custom rules to automatically merge them. The output is an updated version of the common ancestor file, marked-up with all the changes.

XML Merge
DITA Merge

Find significant differences between the text of two XML files, regardless of how many structural or formatting edits have been made. Changes are displayed within your B document, allowing you to review changes in a familiar format while maintaining the schema.

Conversion Validity Checking Solution

Be assured no content has been missed, modified or distorted when converting your documents between formats.


We offer free plugins to integrate DeltaXML functionality into your favourite XML editors.

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