Products for Comparing and Merging XML

DeltaXML is a sophisticated toolkit for comparing and merging XML files. It interprets the structure of your XML in order to find all the changes you need to know about, allowing you to suppress those you don’t.

Flexible APIs and highly configurable outputs make DeltaXML ideal for integration into your enterprise systems or embedding into your own products.

Compare Your Content

DeltaXML’s comparison solutions enables you to identify all of the relevant differences between XML documents or datasets, no matter how large and complex the files.

The results can be output as a marked-up version of the original files, or as a compact XML file with just the changes.

  • XML Compare

    For comparing XML content

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  • DITA Compare

    For comparing DITA documents

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  • DocBook Compare

    For comparing any Docbook

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  • DeltaJSON

    For comparing JSON data

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  • XML Merge

    For merging changes in any XML

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  • DITA Merge

    For merging changes in DITA documents

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Merge Your Content

DeltaXML’s merge solutions helps you merge multiple file revisions back into a single XML file. It analyses meaningful changes in the underlying XML and uses custom rules to automatically merge them.

The output is an updated version of the common ancestor file, marked-up with all the changes.

Embedding DeltaXML in your products

Leading OEMs, from software developers to hardware manufacturers have DeltaXML functionality embedded in their systems. How could DeltaXML simplify your build-or-buy decision?

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Transforming how you track and merge changes in large, complex documents, for safety, compliance and productivity.

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Powerful tools to find and merge changes in large, complex XML datasets, logs and configuration files.

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Dependable identification of significant changes in your HTML code, with automated re-combining of edits.

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