Links to Documentation to Help You Use XML Compare

The following links provide easy access to documentation pages for XML Compare that are particularly helpful for beginners.

DCP Schema Guide

Full DCP Schema documentation with a blow by blow list of items in the XML schema.

Document Comparator Guide

The document comparator guide has good diagrams and gives details on using the input customisation for DCP and the Document Comparator with both deltaxml attributes and xml:space=”preserve”.

DXP User Guide

The DXP user guide explains DXP file use for XML Compare in full.

Specifying a Comparison Pipeline

The page Specifying a Comparison Pipeline has good DXP examples (also Java and C#).

XML Compare User Guide

The User Guide to XML Compare includes information on pipeline configuration.


This read me page gives a list of the samples that are provided with XML Compare showing which samples demonstrate which of these features: Pipelined API, Document API, DXP or DCP. The last two columns of the ReadMe show which samples follow on from this series of blogs.

Other Articles

A Beginner’s Guide to XML Comparison

For more information about pipelines and the differences between DXP and DCP see here

DXP In Depth

More about DCP Files

The location of DXP/DCP files on a computer

Keep Reading

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Define pipelines and fine-tune the comparison process with various configuration options for output format, parser features, and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Comparing XML Files

With XML Compare, you receive more than just a basic comparison tool. Get started with the most intelligent XML Comparison software.

Introducing Character By Character Comparison

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