Meet the people behind DeltaXML

At DeltaXML we are completely focused on XML and helping the people who work with it.

We spend all our time developing and supporting our XML Comparison and Merge products, which transform the way our customers find and process differences between XML files.

We have been working on this for almost as long as XML has existed and our first product was formally launched in 2001. Since then, tens of thousands of people in hundreds of companies have benefited from using our products.

The Management Team


Founder and CEO – Robin La Fontaine

Robin is the founder and CEO of DeltaXML. He holds an Engineering Science degree from Oxford University and an MSc in Computer Science. His background includes computer aided design software and much of the DeltaXML technology originates from this area – the management of change in electronic circuits is a complex problem where accuracy is critical. He has grown DeltaXML from very small beginnings to a leading position with major corporate and public sector customers. On the basis that we do not often get things right first time, his view is that efficient identification and management of change can give a significant competitive advantage.

Global Business Development – Phill Barratt

One of the newest members of the DeltaXML team, Phill is commonly described as a professional and enthusiastic individual, with a fountain of knowledge surrounding XML products as a consequence of over twenty-five years in the XML industry. Phill’s career began as a postgraduate in social sciences, psychology and social work, and following his degree he secured a position as an XML sales engineer where he developed his understanding of the XML industry. Embracing his skills and knowledge in XML, Phill saw himself in a variety of high level sales and marketing roles within the XML industry which has provided him with a unique perspective and understanding of the industry which he is now uses to support DeltaXML.

Phill Barratt
Tristan Mitchell

Product Manager – Tristan Mitchell

One could argue that playing ‘Arcadians’ on the Acorn Electron back in the 1980s was the real beginning of Tristan’s computing career. Tristan’s official education and passion for computing came in the computer science classes he took at high school, leading him to the University of Wales, Aberystwyth to complete an MEng in Software Engineering. Tristan has been working with DeltaXML for over ten years, and in that time has contributed much, driving DeltaXML to its place as a market leader in the XML document and data comparison industry.

Chief Software Architect – Nigel Whitaker

Nigel has put his software engineering background to good use over the past twelve years in taking the DeltaXML software from a small command-line utility to a very efficient XML comparison engine and toolkit, the tool of choice for many leading companies. Nigel ensures that our code is well-written, documented and tested, and that our APIs and interfaces are useful to our customers. He previously had a post-graduate research post at the University of Manchester.

Nigel Whitaker

Our Values

We understand that people rely on our software and that it performs a critical role in many organisations,
from government and finance to aerospace and research. We believe we have a serious responsibility to live up to their
expectations, delivering ever better and always high quality software and support.