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JSON array diff handling – heuristic matching

A new algorithm for JSON array diff handling has been developed, allowing for improved alignment of similar items between arrays.

Git merge – where do we fit in?

This post explores integrating XML and JSON aware merge tools into Git's merge process as merge drivers rather than providing separate merge tools.

XML Compare 10.0.0 Release

XML Compare 10.0.0 introduces a new REST API for accessing its features, along with improved side-by-side output, usage reporting capability, and a new content group element.

Spot the Difference Is No Game

Spotting differences is more challenging than it seems, as demonstrated by our spot-the-difference competition run during our time at Lavacon 2018.

A Beginners’ Guide to XML Compare, how to get started

Get started with XML Compare using DeltaXML's GUI, oXygen plugin, or command line options, allowing for easy comparisons of XML files.

The Location of DXP and DCP Files on a Computer

DXP and DCP files on a computer are prioritised based on specific directories, with validation performed depending on files.

Diving Into DCP Files for XML Compare

Dive into DCP files for XML Compare to uncover default settings and customisation options, including word-by-word differences resolution.

DXP In Depth – Pointers into the Documentation

Delve into DXP with our comprehensive resource, offering insights, examples, and expert tips on XML Compare's documentation.

Thoughts on XML Summer School 2018

CEO Robin La Fontaine reflects on his experience at XML Summer School 2018, such as the intricacies of XML-to-JSON conversion.

Links to Documentation to Help You Use XML Compare

Essential documentation for mastering XML Compare, equipped with links to guides, customisable options, and insights.

Pipelines and the Differences Between DXP and DCP

Explore how pipelines in XML file processing guides files through filters and processes to produce an output.

The oXygen Comparison Adaptor – One of DeltaXML’s Best Kept Secrets

Discover the oXygen Comparison Adaptor, a hidden gem from DeltaXML.

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