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Our Licensing Models

Named User License

Allows DeltaXML software to be hosted on a single device and used by a single user.

Server License

Allows DeltaXML software to be hosted on a single device and used by multiple users.

OEM License

Allows DeltaXML software to be embedded and redistributed within a specific application.

License Agreements

Evaluation License

Enterprise T&Cs

Support T&Cs


DeltaXML offers a broad level of support for clients. This includes comprehensive documentation specific to each product which can be found on the individual product pages, a dedicated support forum monitored by both our excellent technical support team and our community of contributors, as well as one to one email and telephone support.

Named User Licence

Named users are identifiable as a username that corresponds with an identifiable person, a licence cannot be used with generic or service accounts such as administrator or guest. A Named User License of DeltaXML’s software may be used on multiple devices by a single user only.

Named user licenses can only be used with operating systems which support user authentication such as Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux. In addition authentication systems such as /etc/passwd, Workgroups, LDAP and Active Directory may be used.

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Server Licence

A Server license allows a specified computer (host) to run DeltaXML software. Although this type of license is entitled ‘Server’, it applies equally to any type of computer such as a desktop or laptop system.

Licenses are available on a subscription basis (where the software operates for a fixed term during which updates and support are also available).

OEM Licence

A Redistribution (OEM) license allows DeltaXML software to be embedded in a specified application which is then licensed to end users. The terms of this Redistribution license will depend on the nature of the application and the volume of end users to whom it will be deployed.

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