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Minimise work while eliminating errors within XML documents

Identifying and managing changes or edits in documents needn’t be laborious or costly, even when they are essential for compliance, quality or product safety.

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Helping to keep documents up-to-date

DeltaXML software transforms critical parts of your document life-cycle, automating the most time-consuming and error-prone processes of identifying and merging differences between documents.

Find the change that matters

Identify all of the differences in your content according to your specific configuration then, because output files are structured in the same way as your original files, view them in your regular editor or manage them in your CMS.

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DeltaXMLs sophisticated algorithms and patented technologies are trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises, for technical, scientific and financial documents.

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Flawless, fast document comparison

DeltaXML’s comparison solution identifies all of the relevant differences between XML documents, no matter how large and complex the document is. The results can be output as a marked-up version of the original files, or as a compact XML file with just the changes.

Unlike traditional systems, which use line-by-line comparison, DeltaXML works within the structure of the documents to identify where real differences exist. This greatly reduces the manual work that is required and minimises the risk of important changes being overlooked.

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Automatic or manual, rules-based document merging

DeltaXML software automatically recombines multiple XML files with their common ancestor. It examines the structure of each document to develop a complete picture of all the changes, across all the files, no matter how large or complex.

In an automated process, it merges all of the edits back into a single, marked-up document, applying all the straight-forward edits and employing powerful custom rules to determine how to deal with all of the conflicting changes.

Integral to your document lifecycle

DeltaXML products help your staff become more productive, without having to change the document management systems or editing software that they are familiar with. DeltaXML software works in the background, processing documents when required and presenting its results in the way that fits best with your workflow. Its flexible APIs and configurable outputs mean it can be integrated seamlessly with just about any XML based tool or system. It works perfectly for a single user or an entire enterprise.

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“DeltaXML provided us with a straightforward way of integrating a rich document comparison feature into our SaaS platform. We spent some time researching the market and found DeltaXML was by far the best product on the market in terms of functionality and robustness.”

“DeltaXML has introduced a stable, well-tested component into our commercial environment where standardisation is critical, simultaneously building confidence for technical authors and users alike.”

“DeltaXML was the best solution we could find – by a wide margin. We found it easy to integrate. We always get quick and professional support from DeltaXML, whenever we need it.”

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