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JSON Merge Strategies: 2-way, 3-way Merges and Graft

JSON merge strategies involve two main scenarios: simple JSON data merge and merging changes between JSON files.

How to represent changes in JSON

The representation of changes in JSON can be achieved through a delta format, which includes the original and new values for describing found diffs.

XML and JSON: horses for courses or a one-horse race?

The choice between XML and JSON depends on the needs of a project, XML offers structured semantics while JSON provides ease of use.

How to compare JSON values, objects and arrays

Comparing JSON files involves normalising numbers and strings, handling object properties with unique keys, and more.

A deep-dive into managing your SaaS data

As we introduce SaaS products for JSON and XML, we detail the management and security of user data.

Securely handling your data in SaaS

DeltaXML protects user data by ensuring encrypted transfers, customers' data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Making Licence Management More Simple

DeltaXML is simplifying license management for existing customers by introducing a new user interface.

Introducing DeltaJSON – A New Way to Diff JSON Data

DeltaJSON introduces a comprehensive approach to JSON data diffing, offering an enterprise comparison tool that saves time.

Our Stance on Java

Our stance on Java involves continued support for Java-based products, with plans to widen testing for non-Oracle distributions and consideration for Adopt OpenJDK releases.

Matching Records that are in No Particular Order

XML Data Compare allows for efficient comparison of unordered data, like entries in an electronic address book.

Comparing Config Files with XML Data Compare

Config files for telephones can be effectively compared using XML Data Compare by adjusting the DeltaXML configuration file.

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