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A CALS Table Viewer for Visual Studio Code

The CALS Table Viewer is an open-source Visual Studio Code extension developed to address the need for rendering XML files.

Improving the ability to customise MyDelta

MyDelta enhances user experience by allowing customisation of date and time formats, ensuring clarity and familiarity across regions.

Comparison analysis and opportunities for future improvements

Through developer-driven ideas and 'free' sprints explore generating change reports.

Government Data, Where Change Matters

The pandemic highlights the importance of making government data accessible, sparking interest in netizen projects and websites.

Introducing Historic Licenses to MyDelta

New release for MyDelta introduces historic licenses for visibility into past license agreements and activation history.

The 12 Days of Comparisons

On the 12 days of comparisons, DeltaXML provides a guide to speeding up the process of identifying crucial changes between XML and JSON files, offering a range of tools.

Apache Log4j vulnerability: DeltaXML products are unaffected

DeltaXML announces products are unaffected by the Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).
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Built-in Speed and Precision: Make your PIM System Quicker and Smarter

XML Data Compare offers built-in speed and precision to enhance PIM Systems.

How do I compare data in XML with data in JSON or CSV?

To compare data in XML with data in JSON or CSV, it's necessary to convert CSV data into JSON or XML.

How we’re helping balance our carbon emission

We're addressing our carbon emissions by first reducing energy usage like installing more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Up to 15% faster DocBook Compare

DocBook Compare now offers up to 15% faster comparison times without compromising accuracy, benefiting users with reduced resource usage.

Meet us (virtually) at Tekom 2021

DeltaXML will be virtually exhibiting and presenting at Tekom 2021, attendees can visit their virtual stand to learn about their XML tools.

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