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DeltaXML Announces DITA Compare’s FrameMaker Plugin

Bringing greater flexibility to writers authoring and reviewing DITA content in FrameMaker, DeltaXML is pleased to...

Welcoming Phill Barratt to DeltaXML

Phill Barratt is welcomed to the team at DeltaXML Ltd as Business Development Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the XML content...

The Merge Dream Becomes Reality- DITA NA 2015

Visitors at the CMS/DITA Conference held in Chicago last week, saw first-hand the practical benefits of DeltaXML DITA Merge, with Tristan Mitchell’s talk ‘DITA branch...

New Graduate and Apprenticeship Scheme at DeltaXML

Malvern based firm, DeltaXML Limited, announces the launch of its new graduate and apprenticeship schemes, working in...

DeltaXML launches Core 7 software

DeltaXML Core 7, the latest software version for detecting and managing changes in XML has launched. The new ‘DocumentComparator’ tool, which...

DeltaXML in the Spotlight at tekom 2014

Global specialist provider of XML software, DeltaXML Ltd, joined leading suppliers of publishing software at tekom 2014, with demonstrations of their flagship product...

DITA Merge Revolutionizes Concurrent DITA Authoring

DeltaXML’s DITA Merge now makes it possible for editors and reviewers to work on a document concurrently, without the need for document locking. All changes...

DeltaXML Announces Newbook Partnership

Mississauga, Canada-based Newbook specialise in the provision of systems managing XML content in highly-regulated environments, e.g. healthcare and...

DeltaXML Announces KGU Partnership

Two leading European software specialists are teaming up to accelerate the development of new tools that will improve the management of increasingly...

DeltaXML and IXIASOFT Join Forces

A transatlantic technology partnership between experts in XML document comparison and XML content management is set to transform the handling...
Comparison of ‘A’ version and 'B' version of the XQuery

Ignoring Whitespace When Comparing XQuery

In this, my third post on XQuery code comparison, I look at the issue of ignoring whitespace changes where they are not significant (see previous posts...
result of using DeltaXML Core without keyed comparison image

Adding Structure to an XQuery Comparison

In my first post on Comparing XQuery with DeltaXML Core, we used a flat sequence of span elements, where each element represented an XQuery language...