XML Compare 10.0.0 Release

With the new REST API available in XML Compare 10.0.0, you can access our market-leading XML comparison features without knowledge of Java. The new major release of our flagship product is now available – XML Compare 10.0.0. All our customers will be receiving email notifications regarding their upgrades so watch out for those. If you’ve evaluated 9.x in the past, please do check out the changes in version 10 – you will be able to request a trial license even if your previous one has expired. 

What’s New in Version 10?


The main new feature in XML Compare is our new REST API. After consultation with several customers who need to use XML Compare within their REST architecture, we have implemented this as an alternative way to run the product. The release now includes deltaxml-rest-10.0.0.jar, which starts up a REST server running on Grizzly. This allows access to comparison functionality using REST calls from your favourite programming language. See XML Compare REST Service documentation for the specific details of the API. 

The REST API is licensed as a separate option. We now have Server, Named User, and REST access licenses as alternative license types. If you’d like to speak to us about switching to a REST API, please contact phill.barratt@deltaxml.com 

Why should you care?

A REST API opens up access to XML Compare’s functionality to a wide range of programming languages. If you’ve struggled to get to grips with our Java API or if it just doesn’t fit into your architecture, REST access could be a game-changer for you.  

Improved side-by-side output

We now have a new and improved side-by-side output that you can build into your own comparison pipelines. This colour-coded HTML view of the XML inputs is now much more robust for larger files and features synchronised scrolling to make it much easier to see exactly how your XML content has changed. If you’d like to see the new output, run one of the diffreport SBS pipelines (diffreport-sbs or doc-diffreportsbs) using the command-line interface. 

Why should you care?

The new side-by-side output provides a great way to quickly view your comparison result, especially if you’re comparing data. Save the standalone result and pass it on to colleagues to share your results with them. 

Usage reporting 

We are beginning to carry out some research into usage statistics with a view to adding usage-based pricing as an option. To enable us to carry out this research, XML Compare 10.0.0 includes the capability to record and log usage so that it can be analysed. This is switched off by default so we will not be recording your usage without your permission. If you’re interested in the potential for usage-based pricing in the future and you are able to help us with our research, please contact tristan.mitchell@deltaxml.com  

Content Group for representing format change 

XML Compare 10.0.0 release introduces ‘contentGroup’ for representing a format change. The contentGroup element contains two types of child elements; text and content elements.  The text elements show only the text changes, ignoring any formatting so that users who wish to concentrate on only textual changes need only examine these.  The content elements show both text and formatting changes grouped together in a way that makes it easier to see all the changes.   

Why should you care?

One intended use case for the content group formatting element output format is for Graphical User Interface (GUI) systems which can allow the end user to choose which type of differences to show; either just text or text and format.

Release Structure 

Those of you who’ve used XML Compare in the past may have noticed a change in the structure of our release directory. We have decided to move most of our sample code out of the release and into Bitbucket to make it easier for us to enhance the sample set outside of the release cycle of the product. We’ve also removed a lot of the documentation from the release for the same reason. You can now find our sample code at https://bitbucket.org/account/user/deltaxml/projects/XCS and our product documentation at https://docs.deltaxml.com/xml-compare/

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