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How Human Errors Are Costing Companies Big

Earlier this year, Amazon Web Services went down for approximately four hours. Although to some this was only a minor inconvenience, to others this was...

Announcing JSON Compare Free Usage, Java CLI & New Features

As promised in our previous post, we are pleased to release the public details of the API, as well as two new features, a Java...
JSON Compare Online Preview

Announcing JSON Compare Preview

DeltaXML would proudly like to announce the first preview of our latest product: JSON Compare. JSON Compare is an industrial toolkit packaged as a REST API to allow...

DeltaXML’s Updated DiffReport

Understanding and explaining the differences between two large XML documents presents significant challenges. This is true, even with a fully optimised...

DeltaXML’s new login system and what it means for you

As part of our website redesign we have decided to deploy a new authentication system. Our new authentication platform of choice is auth0...

DeltaXML and Bluestream Partnership Announced

Bluestream Database Software Corp-a provider of DITA-enabled Component Content Management System (CCMS) solutions-is pleased to announce...

XML: The What, Why, Where and Hows Explained by a Newbie

If you’re looking for an in depth, super technical, ultra descriptive piece about what XML is and what it does then (if I...

XML In Smart Cities? Really? How?

I can imagine you have heard the term ‘smart city’ thrown around in the media a lot recently, but what on earth does this term mean? Well, from what I can...

An XSLT linear feedback shift register

The Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) provides a simple yet very versatile solution for the generation of pseudo-random sequences of bits. This concept, can be...
Screenshot of XMLFlow

Launch of XMLFlow – softening the scream?

Judging not only from my own experience but from many social media posts such as Tina Henderson’s tweet shown below, the review and release process for the...

DeltaXML Merge Version 4.1 brings richer functionality

With the release of DeltaXML Merge Version 4.1, the next iteration of DeltaXML’s market leading XML change management solution delivers a number of key...

Three into Two: Three way merge with a two way result

Since the introduction of our new Merge product (4.0 in February this year) we have seen a number of customers and potential users ask about user interfaces and in...