tcworld 2017: Giving Deeper Meaning to Structured Documentation

DeltaXML is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting and presenting at this year’s tcworld conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

The conference is set to take place from the 24th to 26th October. The company, known for their XML change management solutions, are partnering with FontoXML to present an informative talk about why and when authors should move from unstructured to structured authoring.

DeltaXML have been working with large organisations for over 15 years. Using their XML components, enterprises are able to easily automate their content processes; yet many businesses who reuse and produce large volumes of content have still not adopted a structured authoring approach. DeltaXML will present a business case for adopting structured authoring practices in firms who wish to save time and money, while also improving content quality.

“I’m looking forward to meeting our customers and partners at tcworld 2017! Structured content is at the heart of all that we do at DeltaXML – throughout the content life-cycle it also provides significant benefits at all stages, though, in my opinion, none more important than during the authoring stage…”

Phill Barratt, Co-Presenter

Phill Barratt, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Tristan Mitchell, Product Manager, will represent DeltaXML in its 4th year at tcworld where they will be surrounded by the top companies in the field of technical documentation. Stationed on stand 2/A03, they welcome any question or conversation you wish to have. Make sure you catch our presentation “Moving from Unstructured to Structured Authoring” on Wednesday 25th October at 16:15 to 17:00UTC, room C6.1, where Phill Barratt will be partnering with co-presenter Taeke Kuyvenhoven from FontoXML.

About Tekom / tcworld

The tcworld GmbH is a global services company with business conferences, trade shows and events. The most important customer is tekom, Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication, and is headquartered in Stuttgart.

About DeltaXML

Since 2001, DeltaXML has provided reliable and effective XML Comparison and Merge tools which have transformed the way companies have found and processed differences between XML files. Understanding the essential role software plays in many organisations, we believe we have a serious responsibility to deliver high-quality software and support.

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