DeltaXML launches Core 7 software

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DeltaXML Core 7, the latest software version for detecting and managing changes in XML has launched. The new ‘DocumentComparator’ tool, which features in this latest release, further enhances the usability of DeltaXML’s Core software, reducing the time needed to customize for different types of XML document.

More control over the changes you find

Saving valuable processing time managing changes in XML is at the centre of the DeltaXML Core software which was first released over 10 years ago. The latest version, Core 7, is set to continue their success in managing changes in XML data in Java and .NET applications, with the innovative DocumentComparator tool integrated into the system, to assist users with configuration. The new DocumentComparator is a pre-configured PipelinedComparator that saves time for users who can easily configure predefined filters to process document changes.

The new DocumentComparator helps manage features common to many document formats including intelligent table comparison for CALS and XHTML table models, plus roundtripping of lexical constructs such as doctypes, processing instructions and comments. The latest version of Core also has new output reporting formats for tracking changes in oXygen, XMetaL and Arbortext.

Core 7 is packed full of new features. The Document Comparator is a welcomed addition to the software, with its ability to perform content-first comparison as well as its new output formats and optimised readability. The new additions to Core 7 have come about through listening to how our customers use our software on a practical day-to-day basis. Our aim is to increase the readability of changes and speed of workflow, and make a positive difference to businesses who need to manage changes in larger volumes of information”.

Robin La Fontaine, CEO of DeltaXML Limited

DeltaXML Core has proven itself as a critical tool for Content Management Systems and enterprise-wide XML publishing environments, with industries such as financial services, aerospace and publishing embracing the technology to manage and optimise information changes.

For more information regarding DeltaXML Core version 7 visit our Core product page or download the new DocumentComparator Guide.

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