Welcoming Phill Barratt to DeltaXML

Phill Barratt is welcomed to the team at DeltaXML Ltd as Business Development Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the XML content generation and content management industry.

The news that Phill Barratt has joined DeltaXML has been welcomed by the team on the Malvern Hills Science Park, as Phill has over 15 years’ industry experience in XML software applications for document comparison. As DeltaXML announced their plans for expansion at the beginning of 2015, the timely appointment of Phill will help the company deliver their sales objectives, in a coordinated Global Business Development role.

Phill Barratt is delighted by the move saying, “DeltaXML is an innovative software company with a pedigree of providing document comparison software into a diverse range of industries, such as publishing, financial services and aviation. It’s a great opportunity for me to use my skills and experiences in an up-and-coming company such as DeltaXML.” Phill adds, “They have a hugely talented pool of software developers who I’m excited about working with and an impressive customer base that we can continue to grow. Everyone has given me such a warm welcome… it’s a great fit”.

CEO at DeltaXML Robin La Fontaine, explains, “Phill is a valuable member of the team and with his skills, experience and strong work ethic, we will continue to expand. We plan to launch a number of new products over the coming months, with Phill being a critical part of these important events”.

For more information about the appointment of Phill Barratt at DeltaXML call +44 1684 532 142 or email info@deltaxml.com

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