New Graduate and Apprenticeship Scheme at DeltaXML

Malvern based firm, DeltaXML Limited, announces the launch of its new graduate and apprenticeship schemes, working in partnership with the University of Worcester, and local colleges.

The aim is to provide work experience and career opportunities to young, bright and enthusiastic local people, which will in turn aid their expansion plans for 2015. DeltaXML’s CEO, Robin La Fontaine, says, “This is an exciting development, DeltaXML is a growing, innovative company with patented, world-leading technology for XML comparison, which is now an essential component of modern document management systems.” He adds, “Fresh and creative ideas are the foundation of our company and by providing places for local graduates and apprentices, we will continue to foster further innovation.”

Established in 1991, DeltaXML specialises in XML, DITA, and Docbook comparison software. It allows the comparison, merging and synchronisation of structured documents as well as many different types of data. Having experienced steady growth since the company was founded, DeltaXML moved its now ten strong team to the Malvern Hills Science Park.

DeltaXML kick-started its new recruitment scheme at the University of Worcester Business School’s Career Brunch, and it generated great interest from prospective graduate applicants for both marketing and software development roles.

Daniel Barrow, who will graduate from the University of Worcester this year, explains, “It was a pleasure speaking to the DeltaXML team, they were very relaxed and welcoming, and after chatting about the company and the graduate roles available, I was keen to progress my application further. I’m pleased to say I will be starting my new role as Marketing Executive in the summer.

Martin Bluck, Systems Administrator, who has also joined the team as an apprentice, explains, “I enjoy the on-the-job training and support I receive from DeltaXML, and I have already learnt so much! It’s great to be part of a growing business with a wealth of experience, and one that invests in young people.

For more information regarding the graduate and apprentice scheme at DeltaXML visit or call +44 1684 532 130

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