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tcworld 2017: Giving Deeper Meaning to Structured Documentation

DeltaXML will showcase their XML change management solutions at tcworld Stuttgart.

How Human Errors Are Costing Companies Big

In a world driven by technology, the smallest human error can cost companies millions, even the biggest companies like that of AWS.

Announcing JSON Compare Free Usage, Java CLI & New Features

DeltaXML announces new features for JSON Compare, including an 'Orderless' option for Array Alignment.
JSON Compare Online Preview

Announcing JSON Compare Preview

DeltaXML introduces a preview of JSON Compare, a toolkit provided as a REST API for comparing and merging JSON data.

DeltaXML’s Updated DiffReport

DeltaXML introduces an updated DiffReport, providing an HTML rendering of XML comparison results, enhancing the review of large XML documents.

DeltaXML’s new login system and what it means for you

DeltaXML introduces a revamped login system using auth0 for enhanced flexibility. Existing account holders are unaffected.

DeltaXML and Bluestream Partnership Announced

Bluestream and DeltaXML join forces to elevate release management in the technical documentation space.

XML: The What, Why, Where and Hows Explained by a Newbie

From its components to rules and content models, this newbie-friendly guide demystifies XML.

XML In Smart Cities? Really? How?

Bluestream Database Software Corp and DeltaXML join forces to elevate release management in the technical documentation space.

An XSLT linear feedback shift register

DeltaXML introduces an XSLT-based Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) for pseudo-random bit sequence generation.
Screenshot of XMLFlow

Launch of XMLFlow – softening the scream?

Introducing XMLFlow, a web app designed to streamline the document review and maintenance process for writers using DITA.

DeltaXML Merge Version 4.1 brings richer functionality

XML Merge 4.1 allows users to accurately represent changes from multiple XML files. This release brings enhanced functionality.

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