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An XSLT linear feedback shift register

DeltaXML introduces an XSLT-based Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) for pseudo-random bit sequence generation.
Screenshot of XMLFlow

Launch of XMLFlow – softening the scream?

Introducing XMLFlow, a web app designed to streamline the document review and maintenance process for writers using DITA.

DeltaXML Merge Version 4.1 brings richer functionality

XML Merge 4.1 allows users to accurately represent changes from multiple XML files. This release brings enhanced functionality.

Three into Two: Three way merge with a two way result

A three-to-two processing system for DeltaXML Merge products, addressing users familiar with software version control systems.

Welcoming Phill Barratt to DeltaXML

Phill Barratt joins DeltaXML as Business Development Manager, bringing over 15 years of experience in XML software applications.

The Merge Dream Becomes Reality- DITA NA 2015

DITA Merge showcased at the CMS/DITA Conference in Chicago, addressing the issues of branch merging in DITA documents.

New Graduate and Apprenticeship Scheme at DeltaXML

DeltaXML has launched a new graduate and apprenticeship scheme, providing additional career opportunities.

DeltaXML launches Core 7 software

DeltaXML has launched Core 7, its latest software version for detecting and managing changes in XML, featuring the innovative 'DocumentComparator' tool.

DeltaXML in the Spotlight at tekom 2014

DeltaXML features flagship product, DeltaXML Core, and other software for DITA and DocBook document management at Tekom 2014.

DITA Merge Revolutionizes Concurrent DITA Authoring

DeltaXML launches DITA Merge, allowing editors and reviewers to work on 3+ DITA documents concurrently, saving time for DITA users.

DeltaXML Announces Newbook Partnership

DeltaXML partners with Newbook Production introducing solutions to technical publishing, addressing the needs of regulated industries.

DeltaXML Announces KGU Partnership

DeltaXML collaborates with KGU-Consulting to enhance Siemens Teamcenter® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

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