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Mastering Complex Table Comparisons Within Your Technical Documentation

Our software excels at presenting changes in complex tables and technical content.

Enhanced Redline Output with Self-Hosted DITA Comparison via Integrated REST API

DITA Compare’s powerful redline output and REST API integration is trusted globally.

A New and Improved SVG Markup for DITA and DocBook Comparison

XML Compare 13 introduces further SVG comparison features, utilising XSLT to visually represent changes in SVG.

Time for REST (API) with DITA Compare

DITA Compare, a long-standing solution for managing DITA documents, is introducing a new REST API in its latest version, 11.0.

Representing change in DITA and DocBook CALS tables

DeltaXML introduces enhanced versions of their DITA and DocBook comparison software, featuring handling of CALS tables.

Launch of XMLFlow – softening the scream?

Introducing XMLFlow, a web app designed to streamline the document review and maintenance process for writers using DITA.

The Merge Dream Becomes Reality- DITA NA 2015

DITA Merge showcased at the CMS/DITA Conference in Chicago, addressing the issues of branch merging in DITA documents.

DITA Merge Revolutionizes Concurrent DITA Authoring

DeltaXML launches DITA Merge, allowing editors and reviewers to work on 3+ DITA documents concurrently, saving time for DITA users.

Merging DITA files in the oXygen Authoring Tool

Here’s how to merge DITA files in the oXygen Authoring Editor by using DeltaXML’s DITA Merge solution and a custom demo plugin.

CALS Table validity

DeltaXML has open-sourced its CALS validity code, aiming to provide a solution for checking semantic constraints in CALS tables within both DocBook and DITA.

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