DITA Compare remains the go-to software for organisations seeking seamless integration into their workflows to produce redline markup changes.

Offering unparalleled accuracy, DITA Compare and DITA Merge provide the most reliable method for identifying and publishing changes between two versions of DITA documents. Our software excels at differentiating single topics or full map hierarchies, cementing its position as the global leader in the field. With specialised features catering to complex tables and technical drawings, our solution is primed to align perfectly with your workflow requirements. Seamlessly integrate our software into your document management system or editing software to effortlessly redline content changes.

Integrate our REST API in your workflow

Our suite of DITA software products offers a self-hosted REST API, providing a seamless integration option for your workflow, component content management system (CCMS), or document management system (DMS). Accessible with any programming language or workflow tool, our REST API allows for document transmission to an endpoint and receiving our patented delta result.

DITA Compare and DITA Merge deliver results that can be easily marked up for processing as redline documents or integrated with popular editing software such as OxygenXML, XMetal, and Arbortext. The redline markup is also compatible with the DITA Open Toolkit for generating PDFs for publication, while the markup for editing software serves the needs of technical writers.

Organisations securely host the REST API within their own infrastructure. Our Concurrent Operation model enables one license to be utilised by multiple applications or across distributed cloud deployments. Diff operations can be conducted on a laptop when using editing software or on a server, virtual machine, or micro-services for systems utilising a document management system or component content management system.

Build into your Java code with our API library

Organisations using Java also have the option of using our Java API library to build directly into your code or application. The same compare and merge functions are available with the Java API library giving you control over how you manage queueing of operations. Complex configuration of document content can be added to your DMS or CCMS workflow using DITA Compare REST API. 

Compare SVG in technical documents

Our software doesn’t just stop at comparing DITA content; it extends its capabilities to include technical drawings and illustrations as well. Regardless of the type of graphical content in your document, if it’s produced with SVG, our software ensures it’s thoroughly compared.

This feature sets us apart as no other document management system or component content management system currently offers the ability to compare SVG drawings, illustrations, and diagrams. The SVG diff result seamlessly integrates with the content result, allowing for automated processing and markup for redline or HTML output.

With the REST API, you can now integrate the comparison of graphical content into your document management workflow, a functionality that was previously unattainable.

Download the latest version of DITA Compare or DITA Merge today from our website and start your 14-day free trial today. 

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