Cyber Resilience for SMEs: A Chat with DeltaXML’s Systems Administrator

Peter Anderson, IT System Administrator, relays the importance of cyber resilience for SMEs.

National Inventors Day – An interview with the DeltaXML CEO

Robin La Fontaine, CEO of DeltaXML, discusses the company’s origins and challenges within XML comparison.

Protecting Your Data by Becoming ISO Certified

We’ve obtained ISO certifications including ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001, ultimately benefiting both DeltaXML and our customers.

The impact of change – shading the world green with Temwa

DeltaXML partners with Temwa to offset its carbon footprint, contributing to reforestation efforts in Malawi.

tcworld Tekom is returning to Stuttgart, Germany

After two years of virtual conferences, tcworld Tekom is returning to Stuttgart, Germany, from November 8th to 10th for an in-person event.

Introducing Historic Licenses to MyDelta

New release for MyDelta introduces historic licenses for visibility into past license agreements and activation history.

Apache Log4j vulnerability: DeltaXML products are unaffected

DeltaXML announces products are unaffected by the Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

How we’re helping balance our carbon emission

We’re addressing our carbon emissions by first reducing energy usage like installing more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Meet us (virtually) at Tekom 2021

DeltaXML will be virtually exhibiting and presenting at Tekom 2021, attendees can visit their virtual stand to learn about their XML tools.

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