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Adding Structure to an XQuery Comparison

Enhance XQuery code comparison with new XSLT templates, orderless elements and structuring code for better comparisons.

Processing HTML5 in an XML Pipeline

DeltaXML discusses the integration of HTML5 parsing and serialisation into an XML pipeline, utilising the parser and serialiser.

Comparing HTML Web Content with DeltaXML

HTML5 Compare, a HTML comparison tool, provides a simple interface to compare HTML docs, highlighting deletions and additions.

Merging DITA files in the oXygen Authoring Tool

Here's how to merge DITA files in the oXygen Authoring Editor by using DeltaXML's DITA Merge solution and a custom demo plugin.

Using Mercurial, oXygen and NetKernel as our CMS

DeltaXML reviews the evolution of its CMS from Apache Cocoon and DaisyCMS to NetKernel (NK) and a Mercurial-based approach.

DeltaXML expansion sees move to new offices

DeltaXML relocates to new offices on Malvern Hills Science Park, Worcestershire, to support its expansion and entry into new global markets.

Comparing XQuery with DeltaXML Core

DeltaXML Core primarily compares XML content, but have you ever considered using the Core product to compare non-XML files?

Reviewing XML Documents for an N-Way Merge

In his first DeltaXML blog, Phil Fearon ponders the issue of how to effectively visualise multiple revisions made to a single document.

Vasont Systems Joins DeltaXML’s Reseller Program

Vasont Systems and DeltaXML have teamed up to improve the Vasont CMS by integrating DeltaXML's XML data comparison software.

CALS Table validity

DeltaXML has open-sourced its CALS validity code, aiming to provide a solution for checking semantic constraints in CALS tables within both DocBook and DITA.

Major Sale by DeltaXML to Semcon

DeltaXML has partnered with Semcon, a global technology publisher and consultancy. This collaboration aims to significantly improve accuracy in document management.

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