JATS is a widely used XML grammar together with associated grammars BITS and STS. Our customers often ask for a simple-to-use-solution that can quickly compare, produce a meaningful result and enable integration with a workflow or application.

Perhaps you have several contributors or editors making amendments to the content which needs to be reconciled, reviewed and approved. We believe Content Compare provides possibly the most efficient solution for delivering excellent results when comparing JATS, BITS or STS documents.

What does Content Compare JATS do?

It’s no secret that academic articles often undergo reordering and reorganisation, which involves a lot of structural change. Content Compare ignores all of that noise and focuses purely on modifications to the content itself. By ignoring structure and aligning only the content, we ensure your content remains readable. So how is this done without structure? Because DeltaXML products understand structure, and our sophisticated algorithms understand how to move content to highlight what the user has added or removed.

We compare Documents A and B, with changes that matter marked up and placed into the B document. We consider the structure of content in A and then place the content in the correct position in the B structure.

In this process, we take the order and position of the content into consideration to ensure a high-quality result, which you’ll see in your chosen document.

Why is Content Compare the best solution?

Ignoring the structure while focusing on order and position is crucial to maintaining the schema. This makes it easy for you to review the changes in your selected article quickly and easily. This is something no other product can do.

Easy to use

Using Content Compare products is easy. Simply subscribe, download a token, and access the functionality with our REST API. Documentation is available here and we even have a Postman collection for your use. You can configure the output to produce HTML or OxygenXML tracked changes by selecting the specific tracked changes format in their editor.

Feel free to suggest changes or new grammars that would benefit from our Content Compare solution.