Effortlessly Manage Known Differences During Conversion Checks

February 2024 – We are thrilled to unveil the newest feature added to our ConversionQA product: Ignoring Change.

ConversionQA, our powerful tool for ensuring the accuracy of document conversion, now empowers users to specify content that they already know will differ during the conversion process. This could include content in the source that will not be converted or new boilerplate content added by templates to the target. Rather than flagging this content as a change, users can now specify an XPath for such content, allowing ConversionQA to intelligently ignore it during the comparison process.

Benefits of ignoring changes during conversion checks

  • It helps pinpoint real differences by ignoring expected ones, making the comparison results more accurate.
  • It saves time by automatically filtering out known changes, making the workflow more efficient.
  • Users won’t waste time on irrelevant differences, reducing confusion and false alarms.
  • Ensures consistent and reliable quality checks across different projects, especially when only part of the source material is used for conversion.
  • Users can tailor which differences to ignore, enhancing customisation.
  • ConversionQA continues to be valuable when the conversion process inserts additional content into the target.

Why should you care about ignoring known change during conversion checks?

In short, our new ConversionQA feature simplifies the comparison process even further, making it faster, clearer, and more reliable when true change has occurred.

Improved accuracy and flexibility

By incorporating ignoring change into the comparison process, users ensure precision and focus on unexpected differences. This is particularly useful in scenarios where discrepancies between source and target documents are anticipated, such as partial conversions or the addition of supplementary content. For instance, in the case of a drug company storing internal drug information, only relevant data is converted into a label interchange format for labeling purposes. This means there will be some information in the source that isn’t present in the target. With ConversionQA, users can now specify the content that will not be converted, ensuring it doesn’t flag as a change in the report.



Furthermore, users can confidently rely on ConversionQA even when exact content equivalence is unattainable, such as during partial conversions or the incorporation of additional content into the target document such as metadata. This enhanced usability renders ConversionQA a versatile solution adaptable to various industries and conversion scenarios.

Time and resource saving

By eliminating false positives and focusing on relevant changes, users can quickly identify and address meaningful changes, accelerating decision-making and improving overall efficiency. In technical documentation workflows, for example, ignoring changes ensures the accuracy and precision of converted documents by specifying known differences. This allows technical documentation teams to maintain the integrity and clarity of the documentation throughout the conversion process.

Try out ignoring changes with ConversionQA today

For existing users of ConversionQA, this feature is already at your fingertips. Simply update to the latest version and utilise the “ignoreElements” argument when conducting a conversion check through the command line or REST API.

Learn more through our documentation page.

If you’re new to DeltaXML, there’s no better time to try out our products. Take advantage of our free samples and discover how easy it is to make sure no change goes unnoticed… Unless, of course, it’s change you know about.

For any inquiries or if you prefer a demonstration, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature or any ideas you may have for future improvements, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Your input is super important in helping us make our solutions even better for you. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration, and to make sure you never miss a new feature sign up to our newsletter.

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