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How Move Detection Improves Document Management

Learn how move detection technology improves document management by accurately tracking relocated content.

Move detection when comparing XML files

DeltaXML introduces an enhanced move detection feature that provides a clearer insight of how your content has changed.

A Beginner’s Guide to Comparing XML Files

With XML Compare, you receive more than just a basic comparison tool. Get started with the most intelligent XML Comparison software.

Navigating XML Change in Aviation

Discover how the aviation industry can effectively manage XML changes to ensure compliance and safety while enhancing operational excellence.

Enhanced SVG Comparison with XML Compare 14.1: Introducing Z-Index Change Highlighting, Animated Changes and more

Improved SVG comparison available.

XML Compare 14.0 makes HTML table comparison effortless

DeltaXML has released XML Compare Version 14, featuring significant improvements in HTML table diffs.

XML Compare V13 brings improved SVG functionality

XML Compare V13 introduces enhanced SVG functionality, marking a departure from treating SVG images as regular XML.

Finding change between CALS tables has never been so easy. XML Compare v12 is here!

XML Compare 12.0 features significant improvements in CALS table handling.

Up to 40% faster XML Compare for xHTML documents

XML Compare’s latest release offers speed enhancements of up to 40%, beneficial for industries like Finance.

How a Major Financial Services Company Saved Time and Labour by Updating Their Existing Workflows

Proofreading time and human error reduced.

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