Meet us (virtually) at Tekom 2021

It’s November and for those within the technical documentation industry, that means that Tekom tcworld is fast approaching. Because of global circumstances, the conference will be once again held online. This will be DeltaXML’s eighth time exhibiting at Tekom and second time exhibiting virtually. The conference will take place for two weeks rather than the usual one, because of the change in location, from the 8th to 19th of November. The first week will focus around conference presentations while the second allows attendees to join in with workshops. Mondays are being reserved for ‘Technology Days’, Tekom’s new format for content and interactivity.

We’re presenting

Technical Communication as a discipline inevitably leads to reliance on software tools and that means interacting with vendors. How do you make the most out of those interactions to ensure the success of your software projects and what role does an independent consultant play when multiple vendors are involved?

Join our very own Tristan Mitchell, Product Director, on Wednesday 10th November, 14:30 CET (13:30 GMT) where he will present: ‘Software Vendors: A necessary evil or your new BFF?’. He will give an introduction to software product management and discuss the role you can play to help vendors produce the best software for you.

If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, you can head over to the Tekom website and if you’ve already signed up, make sure you reserve your seat for this insightful conversation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Tips for dealing with vendors and consultants. Get the most out of interactions with sales.
  • An overview of product management – how vendors create products.
  • Tips for helping vendors to help you. Reaching that win-win scenario.

Want to find us at Tekom?

We’ve been working with large organisations for over 20 years. Using their XML components, enterprises can automate their content processes easily, whether that’s incorporating our products within their workflows or by adding our functionality to their own products. Come by our virtual stand while attending Tekom and have a chat with us. We’ll be happy to speak about your needs. The best part you can get a completely free ticket if you only want to visit the stands! Hoping to see you there.

About Tekom / tcworld

The tcworld GmbH is a global services company with business conferences, trade shows and events. The most important customer is tekom, Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication, and is headquartered in Stuttgart.

About DeltaXML

Since 2001, DeltaXML has provided reliable and effective XML and JSON comparison and merge tools which have transformed the way companies have found and processed differences between XML and JSON files. Understanding the essential role software plays in many organisations, we believe we have a serious responsibility to deliver high-quality software and support.

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