Improving the ability to customise MyDelta

Setting the date right

Personalisation is an important aspect of any User Interface and we have been thinking about how we improve the experience of our MyDelta customer portal. Have you ever looked at a date and thought “that looks wrong”, then realised it is in a different format to the presentation with which you are familiar? Imagine seeing a date and feeling that panic your licence has expired when actually it is just a different format! There are different date formats commonly used around the world and many people also have their own preference. So we have recently been working on MyDelta to allow you to set your preferred date format, which updates dates through the system, helping to put your mind at ease when you see those all important expiry dates. This is for a future release coming soon, but should work like described below.

Heading to the MyDelta portal

After logging into the MyDelta portal and navigating to the Profile page, you will see that we added two additional fields for controlling both the date and time format. If this is your first time logging into MyDelta after creating an account, we will automatically set the date format to UNIX/ISO and the time format to 12-Hour. The locale set in this section will affect all the dates and timestamps across the MyDelta portal immediately after applying the changes.

The importance of familiarity

MyDelta portal is your entry point to the world of DeltaXML products. It helps you manage your licenses and subscriptions, request trials, keep track of SaaS usage, view logs, and much more. For that reason, it is essential to easily understand and follow the information MyDelta provides. This might prove challenging if the date and time format differ completely from what you are used to seeing on the daily basis! In some regions, a date presented as 06/08/2022 means June 8, 2022, whereas in other places it stands for 6th August 2022. To improve the usability for our customers from around the world, we introduced a new feature allowing our customers to choose their preferable date and time for the MyDelta account.

How to change the date and time

Once the update is released (date tbd), this section will guide you through updating the Date & Time preferences in your MyDelta account.

Let’s begin by navigating to and logging in to the MyDelta account. Then from the located on the left side of the screen navigation panel, select Profile.

You will be redirected to the Profile page. Next, press the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page.

This will enable the Edit Mode and now, in the place of Date and Time format information, you will see two drop-down list boxes showing the currently selected formats. If you have never updated those settings before, the default Date and Time formats were applied when your account was created.

To update the locale to match your preferences, press the down arrow at the end of either list to unfold it, then select the preferred format for both Date and Time.

At this stage, the preferences are only pre-selected and aren’t saved yet. To apply the selected settings, press the Save Profile button at the bottom of the page.

This will switch back to Viewing Mode and save all the updated settings. Now you can navigate to any page in the MyDelta portal, and you will instantly see all dates and timestamps presented in the previously selected format – there is no need to refresh the page or re-login! Settings are associated with your account and won’t reset after logging out.

Future updates

The MyDelta customer portal is continually evolving with new features and access to licences and subscriptions, so what features would be useful for you? We are always keen to hear how our customers are using MyDelta so let us have your feedback in the comments below. We want to change what matters to you.

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