DeltaXML expansion sees move to new offices

22nd October 2013 – New offices for this specialist software company will support its expansion and the opening of new global markets.

DeltaXML, one of the UK’s leading innovators and developers of XML-based software, has opened its new offices on Malvern Hills Science Park in the Worcestershire town.

Led by CEO and entrepreneurial founder, Robin La Fontaine, DeltaXML develops dedicated, specialist software used in the aerospace, medical, financial services and automotive sectors, to manage changes effectively in commercially and operationally critical documentation and manuals.

Typically implementation of our key product, DeltaXML Core, will provide a 32% saving in management and experts’ time, and the involvement of related resources in the production, authoring and delivery of operationally-sensitive documents”, pointed out Robin La Fontaine.

The growing application of our software by international organisations and leading Fortune 500 companies across the globe provides essential confirmation and endorsement that our software is at the ‘cutting-edge’”.

Increasingly, over the past 12-months, existing and new customers and partners have been seeking to purchase and obtain licenses for the company’s market-leading products.

A photo of the DeltaXML TeamMalvern Hills Science Park chief executive, Alan White, welcomed the arrival of DeltaXML. He said, “The arrival of DeltaXML clearly demonstrates the vital role that the science park plays in supporting businesses in high-growth sectors in the local economy.

We are confident that the park’s state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with the community of like-minded businesses, will contribute to DeltaXML’s continued growth.

Recognition that implementation of DeltaXML’s software can provide significant commercial and operational advantages, for instance, in the banking, healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace markets, has led to an upsurge in interest in their unique solutions.

This has been translated into orders from other high-tech business sectors, known as ‘verticals’ in this industry, where improved understanding of the potential to deliver significant efficiencies, operational cost-savings and commercial advantages by the end-users have been the main drivers”, continued Nick Mongston, DeltaXML Business Development.

The company’s team of software engineers, led by Dr. Nigel Whitaker, have been instrumental in developing ever-more sophisticated functionality for comparing and merging versions of XML content that forms the backbone of content management of data, such as technical documents, training and reference materials.

The team which attends international conferences presenting key technical papers in Europe and the US are acknowledged by their peers as ‘leading innovators’.

We will be joining the 20 other high-tech companies in exploiting science and technology in these state of the art facilities at the Malvern Hills Science Park”, added Robin La Fontaine.

We have big expectations looking forward and our move will be an added catalyst for this continued development”.

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