Content Compare XSL-FO

The fastest and most accurate tool for detecting change in XSL-FO files.

Content Compare XSL-FO

The fastest and most accurate tool for detecting change in XSL-FO articles.


What is Content Compare XSL-FO?

Content Compare reveals changes in the content (text) between your old (A) and revised (B) documents. The difference is that it’s not just highlighting a bunch of text changes, it’s highlighting changes within the context of your B document. It’s that simple.

Choose the files you wish to compare

Using content compare’s API, compare your files

Differences are shown in your B article

The key advantage of showing changes in the context of the B document is that you can view it and treat it exactly like the original B document. It’s just that now you can see what text has been added, modified or deleted. In all other ways, it is true to your original B document: same sections, same paragraphs, same tables.

There’s no second guessing with Content Compare XSL-FO

We could show you all the changes to everything, including attributes and structure; but that can be complex to understand and isn’t always needed. Content Compare XSL-FO keeps it simple and identifies the most critical changes: the content changes. The structure is still maintained so that you can see the changes within the context of your B document.


Made for integration. No building required.

Content Compare XSL-FO works where you work. With rich REST API it’s optimised for integration into any enterprise workflow or content management system. Easily integrate Content Compare with your favourite XML editors including the oXygen XML Editor, Arbortext and Framemaker.

Content Compare XSL-FO

Compare two XSL-FO articles, while preserving your schema with Content Compare XSL-FO. Changes are marked up in your B article, where you can easily accept or reject changes.

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Quickly review content differences even after major changes

Content Compare XSL-FO doesn’t bother you with known structural shifts but still has a deep understanding of structure. By analysing the order and position of your content, it’s able to identify where your text has changed even if you’ve split out several paragraphs or added additional sections.

Ready to view changes inserted directly within your documents

With Content Compare XSL-FO there’s no need for additional files listing all the found changes. Instead you have the ability to accept and reject changes directly within your B article, giving you a clear picture on where differences have occurred and simplifying the review process.

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*Content Compare XSL-FO is available to purchase for $199 per annual license for first time users.

Need to do more?

DeltaXML’s collection of Content Compare tools were purposely designed for intelligent, quick comparisons that focus on the change of content between two files. If you need a complete toolkit that is highly customisable to show you additional changes such as differences in formatting and structural elements or need to compare more than two files in one operation, please view our compare and merge products or contact us using our online form.