XML Solutions: The MathML Software You Don’t Want to Miss

DeltaXML has been around since the earliest days of XML, and therefore there aren’t many XML tools and software solutions that pass us by unnoticed. Today we’re featuring a company called WIRIS, who have developed specialised software that MathML users will find especially interesting.

Math formulas and the web

Before we delve deeper into Wiris, let’s first discuss what we know about MathML. MathML is a markup language for describing mathematical notation and capturing its structure and content. It’s based on the idea that we can represent all mathematical expressions in terms of a set of basic components. These components are then used to define the elements of an equation or formula.

It was designed to give a consistent way to represent mathematical notation, regardless of the application, platform, or device. This makes it easier to write maths equations and formulas, as well as to display them via the web or on other digital devices. This means digital documents, e-books and webpages can include mathematical notation and be shown correctly on every device. It also makes it easier to share mathematical documents across different platforms, as they can then be displayed accurately and consistently.

The markup language was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). It uses tags to define the mathematical elements of an equation or formula and tags define elements such as fractions, roots, integrals, matrices and so on.

MathML is a critical part of web and digital media. It makes it easier for users to create, share and access mathematical notation, as well as to display it accurately across different devices. It’s also a vital part of the modern mathematics curriculum, as it makes it easier for teachers to share mathematical documents with students.

Creating formulas with Wiris

Wiris is a company that specialises in innovative software solutions for mathematics, science, and technology. They provide a range of products and services, such as Wiris Editor, a powerful online equation editor, and Wiris CAS, a powerful calculator and graphing tool. Wiris also offers web-based math and science tools, including Wiris MathType, ChemType and Bufferfish. These tools allow users to create rich maths and science content in a text editor, or to embed maths or science elements in webpages and other documents.

MathType by Wiris

The software we’re particularly interested in is Wiris’s solution: MathType. MathType is an equation editor and maths composition software that allows users to create mathematical equations, formulas, and expressions quickly and easily. These equations can then be used in a variety of documents, including scientific and technical reports, webpages, and more.

MathType is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to work with equations, whether they are students, teachers, researchers, or professionals. The software makes it easy to create complex mathematical equations and expressions using a simple and intuitive interface. The software also includes a variety of tools, such as a graphing calculator and font/style selection to make the equation creation process even easier.

It is possible to use this software in any circumstance where equations are necessary, including research papers, lab reports, presentations, webpages, and many other documents. The software is also compatible with a variety of platforms, including PCs and Macs.

MathType also supports a variety of programming languages and software, such as LaTeX and XML editors. This makes it simple to integrate MathType into existing workflows and platforms. For example, users can easily create equations in MathType and copy and paste the code directly into an XML editor. This makes it a breeze to generate equations quickly without having to manually enter the code, or understand MathML at all!

In conclusion, MathType is an incredibly powerful and useful equation editor. It makes it easy to create complex equations and formulas and can be used on a variety of platforms and software. With its integration with XML editors, it is even more useful for those already dependent on those platforms.

Comparing MathML

DeltaXML specialises in creating solutions that can be used with any XML grammar, and we constantly look for ways in which our products can complement other industry solutions. Our comparison and merge solutions include a powerful MathML comparison function that pairs naturally with Wiris’ MathType software.

With DeltaXML’s products you can compare different versions of MathML content without fuss, and output the results in any way that makes sense to you, including showing changes inline, or in a more simplified side-by-side view as shown in the example below.

Side-by-side inline MathML comparison

Side-by-side MathML comparison simplified

If you’re working with MathML, try using Wiris’s MathType solution to create your formulas and then DeltaXML’s comparison tool to compare versions or revisions. That way, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to manage the creation, editing and maintenance of your documents.

Create MathML equations with Wiris, compare MathML equations with DeltaXML. Simples!

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