Making Tax Digital: Embracing XML Technology for HMRC Compliance

The Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative by HMRC aims to digitise the UK tax system, but what does that mean for UK businesses?

The Crucial Role of XML and JSON in Modern Air Traffic Control Operations

XML and JSON play a crucial role in modern air traffic control, facilitating efficient systems.

Unleashing Wireless Potential with XML and JSON Markup

Loomis’ experiments in the 19th century paved the way for modern wireless communication, now facilitated by XML and JSON.

What’s the Relationship Between XML, JSON, HTML and the Internet?

Explore the relationship between HTML, XML, and JSON. Learn their roles in web development and data interchange.

XML Solutions: The MathML Software You Don’t Want to Miss

DeltaXML highlights Wiris, a company specialising in software solutions for mathematics, particularly MathML.

The Basics of MathML

We delve into the history and core components of MathML, a markup language designed for representing mathematical notations within XML. Infographic included.

Top 10 gifts for the techies in your life

Here are ten gift ideas for tech enthusiasts including circuit board socks, Botley the Coding Robot and a floppy disk coaster set.

TTML – The XML Standard Adopted by Top Media Brands

Learn why TTML, an XML-based standard for timed text in online media, is widely adopted in the television industry.

Save Yourself the Effort of a PhD!

Discover the intricacies of XML comparison and the importance of tool configurability through DeltaXML’s XML Compare. Delve into a student’s evaluation, uncovering initial discrepancies.

Government Data, Where Change Matters

The pandemic highlights the importance of making government data accessible, sparking interest in netizen projects and websites.

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