Configuring XML Compare for Efficient XML Comparison

XML Compare is a powerful tool for comparing and managing changes between XML files. One of its key features is the ability to define custom comparison pipelines, allowing users to tailor the comparison process to their specific needs.

Customising Comparison Pipelines

With XML Compare, you can define comparison pipelines using either the PipelinedComparatorS9 or the DocumentComparator class.

  • Pipelined Comparator: This class provides a highly flexible form of comparison, ideal for scenarios where the input XML is not always document-based or where you require low-level control of the processing pipeline. You can add input and output filters to the processing pipeline at any point, giving you fine-grained control over the comparison process.
  • Document Comparator: Unlike the Pipelined Comparator, the Document Comparator has a pipeline specially optimised for document comparison. This pipeline is modified by adding filters at certain named ‘extension points’.

Defining Pipelines

You can define comparison pipelines using Java code or an XML pipeline descriptor file format called DXP.

  • Using Java: You can define pipelines using Java code, adding filter steps or chains directly to the comparator classes.
  • Using DXP: DXP is an XML-based format for defining comparison pipelines. It allows you to specify input and output filters, comparator features and properties, and much more in a structured XML format.

Pipeline Diagnostics

XML Compare also offers a debug mode for diagnosing issues in your comparison pipelines. In this mode, the inputs and outputs of each filter are output to separate files, making it easier to identify and resolve any issues.


XML Compare offers a range of configuration options to fine-tune the comparison process. These options include settings for diagnostics, output format, parser features, and more. To see these configuration options in action, watch the product demo below, which showcases two popular configuration features: word-by-word text comparison and comparing orderless elements.

Book a Discovery Call

By customising comparison pipelines and fine-tuning the configuration settings, users can harness the full power of XML Compare to efficiently compare, merge and manage XML files according to their specific requirements. Whether you’re comparing complex document structures or handling large volumes of XML data, XML Compare provides the flexibility and control you need to get the job done efficiently and accurately. If you want to learn more about how XML Compare can meet your specific needs, book a no-obligation discovery call with our experts today!

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