All our software pre-installed ready to go on AWS Server Image (AMI)

As development tool users ourselves, we know that there’s nothing more annoying than trialling a product that you really want to explore and finding that the setup process gets in your way. So we put our heads together and came up with a solution that will help you get up and running quickly.

Want a quick and easy way to get our software?

Of course you do! Whether you’re evaluating or setting up a new deployment, our Amazon Machine Images are the perfect way to get started. Available in the Amazon Marketplace, the AMI can get you up and running with DeltaXML in minutes.

All of our software is pre-installed, as well as a license server. And we’ve even included sample files so that you can test out that everything’s working as it should before comparing your own files.

If you need to compare or merge XML or JSON, use our AMI to get going in five minutes.

Amazon web services

Used by organisations big and small worldwide, AWS is one of the market’s leading options for cloud services. There is an immense library of software and services available on the Marketplace and DeltaXML is there too.

We provide fully configured server images as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that you can use to start up EC2 instances. You can choose whether to load a Windows or Linux environment and all of our software is installed on both. All you need to do is register with MyDelta, our online portal and get your license from the License Manager.

What’s in the box image?

All of our on-premise products are installed and ready to go on the AMI; XML Compare and Merge, our optimised-for-data product XML Data Compare, as well as our grammar-specific products DocBook Compare and DITA Compare and Merge. For those working with JSON rather than XML, DeltaJSON is the product to look at.

We keep the images up to date with the latest version of software so you can try out our new features such as SVG comparison and our new improved CALS table diff.

All distributions are available as well so you can access both the Java and REST APIs where available to build out your cloud application using either option on multiple VMs, or copy our software to a containerised application within your infrastructure. You choose how you want to deploy our products.

You have full access to all features so you can make use of our pipeline configurations for XML Compare and Merge to get exactly the result you need and unlock the full power of DeltaXML.

Support and onboarding

We are here to help throughout your evaluation and beyond. Our technical team can guide you through the process – just book a session and we help with the registration, download of software, installation, and processing of files to get your first result. If you already have some files of your own to test out, it’s a good idea to have them ready and available during the call.

The video below shows the entire process that the onboarding team will walk through with you.

What next?

First, choose the product you’re interested in on our website and click on the ‘Start your free trial’ button. This will get you registered with MyDelta where you can download your license and the products or link through to the Marketplace to get hold of the AMI.

Follow the instructions in the Evaluation Manager video on MyDelta and if you have questions, just book an onboarding session with our tech team.

Change matters – we’ll help you find it in no time.

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