JSON Compare Online Preview

DeltaXML would proudly like to announce the first preview of our latest product: JSON Compare

What is JSON Compare?

JSON Compare is an industrial toolkit packaged as a REST API to allow you to compare, merge and patch your JSON data. For JSON Compare we have developed a new Delta format for JSON, to keep the original structure of your data with extra data to denote changes.

What is available now?

We initially have an online preview to allow you to test out its capabilities for free. You’ll need to sign in with a verified DeltaXML account to use this.

JSON Compare Online Preview

We also have documentation for our new features of JSON Compare itself, and the JSON Compare Online Preview

What will be available soon?

We will be publishing the details of the API as well as Java & .NET Core clients, and pricing options. As the product develops we expect to add features such as three way merging, and extra ways to handle array comparison.

As JSON Compare is in a preview stage, we would gladly appreciate any feedback. Please send it to us using our general enquiries form.