Identifying differences between JSON files

JSON Compare is a powerful toolkit for identifying all the changes within JSON files. Its output is structured JSON, making it ideal for embedding into your web applications or as a stand-alone tool for testing or review.

Dependable differencing, merging and patching

Unlike simple diff tools, JSON Compare analyses the structure of your JSON files to reliably identify and provide a structured file with all the differences. Read More

Optimised for embedding in your software

JSON Compare provides ready-made functionality that is easy to embed in your own applications, including JSON differencing, merging and patching. Read More

Powerful, flexible testing tools

As a standalone tool or integrated into your test systems, JSON Compare allows you to perform reliable regression testing and change tracking. Read More

Try JSON Compare now

JSON Compare is currently a beta release and we are looking for feedback from the JSON community. It is available as a live preview (registration required).

How Does JSON Compare Work?

JSON Compare is a REST API that takes two JSON files, analyses their structure and then compares these two files to identify the differences between them, returning the results in JSON or XML format.

Its algorithms work through the two JSON files, analyzing their structure and matching up all the corresponding elements between them. JSON Compare identifies all of the differences in your content according to various options you can specify. It then returns them in a format which combines your original content with new metadata detailing the changes.

Embedding JSON Compare

JSON Compare is designed for embedding into web applications and systems. It is implemented as a REST API. It can be called remotely or you can run it on the same server as your own software.

The two JSON files and configuration details are passed through the REST API. The results are then returned as an HTTP response.

The output files are optimised for integration into your systems. JSON Compare can generate a fully standards compliant JSON patch; it can create a JSON or XML document describing the changes alone; or it can generate a file with all the changes marked-up within the original JSON code.

Powerful tools for change tracking and testing

JSON Compare is designed for developers and can be readily incorporated into your testing or review processes. Whether you need to verify the output of your own application or submit data files for review, its highly-structured comparisons make it easy to isolate unexpected changes or highlight changes in a browser.

Its REST API can be called by your own scripts and the results easily manipulated and presented in a browser.

Guaranteed dependable results

If you are comparing JSON files for safety or compliance reasons, you can be certain that JSON Compare will find all the differences between them.

Try JSON Compare now

JSON Compare is currently a beta release and we are looking for feedback from the JSON community. It is available as a live preview (registration required).

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If you are looking at other file formats than JSON, our other product editions may meet your needs better, including XML Compare which allows you to find the differences between any type of XML files.

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