Compare, merge and patch your JSON data with an industrial strength toolkit.

JSON Compare is a REST API that takes two JSON files, analyses their structure and then compares these two files to identify the differences between them, returning the results in JSON or XML format.

Its algorithms work through the two JSON files, analyzing their structure and matching up all the corresponding elements between them. JSON Compare identifies all of the differences in your content according to various options you can specify. It then returns them in a format which combines your original content with new metadata detailing the changes.

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Two way comparison of JSON data.


Two way merging of JSON data.


Generation of JSON Patch files.


JSON Compare has a two-way comparison which can be returned as a “full context” delta with additional metadata added to the original data, or “changes only” containing just the changed data. For changes to large datasets, the “changes only” version can be used to efficiently track change with low bandwidth.

There are options to specify the granularity of the comparison and how items in arrays are handled.


JSON Compare has a two-way merge operation, with an option to specify which of the two inputs to favour at points where the inputs differ.

There are options to specify granularity of the comparison and how items in arrays are handled.


JSON Compare generates RFC6902 JSON Patch files, with an option to specify the direction of the Patch.

Product Roadmap


  • Publish REST API details
  • Publish Swagger definition for API
  • Roll out Java command line client
  • Roll out .NET client
  • Release sample code, including demonstrating how to process the delta

Future Developments

  • Information on pricing/licensing options
  • Three way merge
  • New ways to handle array alignment including orderless set based alignment
  • Improvements to browser client

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See our product documentation: JSON Compare

Product Documentation