The start of a great partnership

The UK’s leading software developer and innovator in XML document comparison, DeltaXML has today, 11th June, announced the sale of its DeltaXML Core software to global technology publisher and consultancy, Semcon.

DeltaXML’s Core has introduced a stable, well-tested component into our commercial environment where standardisation is critical, simultaneously building confidence for technical authors and users alike“, said David Sonden, Manager Business Development, Semcon Informatic, Gothenburg, Sweden.

There is a consequent saving of up to 50% in the time required by client SMEs working on and offline with our technical authors for their validation of the revised documentation.

Each of the changes can be pointed out by Semcon staff enabling more complex manuals and technical information publications to be verified with and for clients and the risk of inaccuracy further significantly reduced“.

The software house’s advanced XML applications will be available to the client’s 3,000 employees worldwide, through Semcon’s network of offices. They will have immediate access to the latest in document comparison technology that will enable faster and more accurate tracking and auditing of changes between the original and the new documentation.

Our Core software will streamline their entire document and manual reviewing and editing processes across all their market sectors“, added Nick Mongston Business Development at DeltaXML.

It is a significant step forward and will save Semcon time and money as well as improving the quality of the end result. It is good to see DeltaXML being chosen by a market leader and joins other applications of our software in the medi-tech, aerospace and financial service sectors“.

Established 12 years ago, DeltaXML has consistently promoted its vision of ‘making the management of change in structured documents a smooth, trouble-free and accurate process’.

DeltaXML claims to be the only company that focuses exclusively on comparison and change in XML data and documents that consistently produce 100% accurate, read-ability and reliable results.

Background to DeltaXML and the solutions it provides

DeltaXML is the only company that focuses exclusively on comparison and change in XML data and documents.

As technical material continues to become increasingly complex, the application of XML, or similar DITA, structured documents becomes essential.

Simultaneously, the problem of transforming this technical information into user-friendly manuals becomes much harder. Multiple updates and iterations are needed; with control and review of paramount importance in commercial and financial terms.

In this context, DeltaXML’s unique ability to compare structured documents with consistent accuracy delivers the critical solution to handling this complexity. The market-leading software provides the ability to produce results that are easy to understand, especially where changes are made to tabular data in XML.

DeltaXML’s software delivers critical benefits ensuring the ‘best use is made of experts’ time’ and enabling products to be brought ‘faster to market’.

The company’s vision

‘Providing every customer with fast and 100% accurate software to highlight and process changes to structured documents. Easy to customize and fully XML aware, we aim to make our software the first choice for all publishers.

Whether the changes are for authors, subject matter experts or regulators, accuracy and readability are essential to avoid errors and mistakes, and to comply with audit and other regulations’.