Making Licence Management More Simple

From 22nd Feb 2021 we are making some exciting changes to the way we deliver new licensing and download services to our existing customers, retiring the Flexnet Operations cloud site. We are introducing a new user interface for accessing renewals in the DeltaXML website, together with a completely new approach to renewals with our Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for devs to easily manage their licences in place. The most important message for our customers though, is that we are here to support you as we roll out these changes.

Assisted Licensing

We want our customers to get the best experience when renewing their licence so during the next few months we will offer a managed experience with our support team. As always, we simply need some basic details like server names / IP addresses, and we can help you get the job done. To make your renewal or new installation as smooth as possible, you can book an hour with an expert and even do a screen share.

What if I need to move server?

We can help with that too. We appreciate you want the process of transitioning our software from one machine to another to proceed with the minimum of fuss, so you can book a time with one of our experts to ensure the whole process is as smooth as possible.

Coming soon…

In the next quarter, our new web portal and CLI tool will be available for customers to manage licence services. Supported with our usual detailed documentation and new ‘How to’ videos, you will be guided through each process. As always, our experts will be available and happy to help you get the most from your DeltaXML software.

Easy to use web portal

We are making it even easier to renew and download your licences using our completely new online account area. Login and see all your products in one place with options to renew, download, and return licences, and view a complete history.

You will even be able to download some of our other products or register for a free trial of our new SaaS JSON software.

Powerful new CLI tool

Many of our customers have been asking for a solution that can obtain licences in place, rather than a download from our web portal. Our new CLI tool will enable you to manage your licences directly and even automated licence management across your infrastructure.

Version and date-based licensing

We wanted to streamline the current process of releasing updated software versions, to avoid customers having to obtain a new licence every time. Therefore, we have moved from version numbers to date-based versions, i.e. the date of release. Using the date, which is used to check a version is within your licence expiry, the software no longer needs an updated licence file. We hope this will reduce the administration necessary for all our clients.

Find out more

We will publish more detailed information in our documentation area as we release the new web portal, CLI tool and date-based licensing.

If you have questions, please get in touch today.

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