DeltaXML Announces KGU Partnership

XML and CMS Specialists Team up to Improve Siemens Teamcenter® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. Project collaboration between KGU-Consulting and DeltaXML lays foundation for enhanced applications.

07 February 2014 Two leading European software specialists are teaming up to accelerate the development of new tools that will improve the management of increasingly complex documentation systems used in Product Lifecycle Management.

DeltaXML, a world expert in XML comparison, and KGU-Consulting GmbH, a leading specialist in PLM-based content management systems, have agreed to a program of collaboration which will see the integration of advanced XML change management technology into KGU-Consulting’s products including TechPub Studio® a powerful authoring environment for technical writers that interfaces with Siemens Teamcenter® software platform and systems for its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and CMS solutions.

Operating across Germany and North European markets, KGU-Consulting continues to build and expand applications of its TechPub Studio® (that interfaces with Siemens Teamcenter® software platform and systems for its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and CMS solutions) for ‘the effective implementation of stable business solutions that facilitate the creation and maintenance of technical publications’.

In this specialist arena, DeltaXML provides market-leading comparison software designed especially for use in authoring environments by technical writers and their editors to create and consistently manage complex product documentation.

Usability is a key focus for KGU and DeltaXML and this will provide the major catalyst for both partners continued development of time and resource-saving applications”, added Nick Mongston, from Business Development, at DeltaXML.

And, this is creating key opportunities for DeltaXML to work with KGU-Consulting in the enhancement of its TechPub Studio® and Siemens Teamcenter® Product Life Management (PLM) system”.

A collaborative relationship applying our combined experience and technical innovation will offer solutions that will extend the creation of complex product documentation capabilities within this modern Content Management System (CMS)”, said Jan-Christian Hach from KGU Consulting GmbH.

About DeltaXML Limited

DeltaXML is the only company that focuses exclusively on comparison and change in XML data and documents.

As technical material continues to become increasingly complex, the use of XML, including DITA, for structured documents becomes essential.

Simultaneously, the problem of transforming this technical information into user-friendly manuals becomes much harder. Multiple updates and iterations are needed; with control and review of paramount importance in commercial and financial terms.

In this context, DeltaXML’s unique ability to compare structured documents with consistent accuracy delivers a key component in handling this complexity. The market-leading software provides the ability to produce results that are easy to understand, especially where changes are made to tabular data in XML.

DeltaXML’s software delivers critical benefits ensuring the ‘best use is made of experts’ time’ and enabling products to be brought ‘faster to market’.

The company’s vision

‘Providing every customer with fast and 100% accurate software to highlight and process changes to structured documents. Easy to customize and fully XML aware, we aim to make our software the first choice for all publishers.

Whether the changes are for authors, subject matter experts or regulators, accuracy and readability are essential to avoid errors and mistakes, and to comply with audit and other regulations’.

About KGU-Consulting GmbH

KGU-Consulting GmbH, an IT service provider, based in Flensburg/Germany, provides assistance to manufacturing companies for both the conceptual design and implementation of software-based information and communication systems. The focus is on Technical Documentation as well as on Product Lifecycle Management.

In 1996 KGU (Klaus Günter, co-founder of KGU) implemented a SGML and Teamcenter Enterprise based system for technical writing within the scope of a customer project. In 2004 KGU initiated the development of a second generation of the system for technical writing as a standard product named DocCenter. In 2006 the software was purchased by Siemens PLM Software and brought to market maturity in cooperation with KGU under the name Teamcenter Content Management.

Today KGU is development and service partner of Siemens PLM Software and acts to support with the implementation of solutions and in the area of customer support.

KGU offer its own software modules including TechPub Studio® for Teamcenter Content Management. The product provides a simplified user interface for technical writing. It is fully based on Teamcenter CMS and includes the same features and objects in Teamcenter. All relevant features for technical writing are displayed clearly in one perspective of the Teamcenter interface.

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