Top 10 gifts for the techies in your life

As Christmas Day is fast approaching, Secret Santa gift buying is in progress. Instead of scratching your head and wondering what gifts to buy during this festive period, we have put together a short list of fun gift ideas for all your tech-loving family members, co-workers and friends.

10. Sock It To Me

Receiving socks at Christmas is essentially an unofficial tradition for most, to make things slightly more interesting, why not get these circuit board socks for your tech-loving gift recipient? These socks are slightly more eye-catching than regular Christmas socks with your usual reindeer and snow, plus, they can be worn all year round instead of just only during the festive period.

9. Nuts and bolts sculpture

If you are into tech, you are most likely to be sat or stood up by a desk. Quirky little desk ornaments can brighten up and make an empty desk with just a computer look a little more interesting! We have picked out a sculpture made out of nuts and bolts which depicts a programmer. This would make an interesting, detailed desk ornament to add a little more to just a desk with a coffee mug placed on it.

8. 3.5 inch Hand bound Floppy Disk Blank Notebook

It is safe to say we are beyond the point of storing all of our files and data on a floppy disk, however, to reignite a little bit of nostalgia, this floppy disk notebook would make a fantastic gift.

7. Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot

After a stressful day of dealing with debugging and errors, Botley, the coding robot could help you de-stress as well as also being child friendly! A great gift for a game to play with the entire family.

6. Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard

Working with computers in the office, and especially at home, snacks are mandatory and are near at all times. This could result in messy work spaces, especially when a keyboard is near. Why not make the cleaning process easier and buy a universal dust cleaner which can effectively go into every nook and cranny in a keyboard and pick up those crumbs from the biscuits?

5. Eat Sleep Code Repeat Mug

This ‘Eat, sleep, code, repeat’ mug will definitely come in handy to the tech lover who you are wanting to buy a useful gift for! Coffee or tea is absolutely essential when it comes to working as it revives the best of us and gives us that bit of energy boost, therefore this mug will definitely serve its purpose for years to come.

4. Floppy Disk Coaster

This gift idea follows nicely from number 5, the floppy disk coaster is definitely more interesting than a regular boring coaster. The pack contains 6 coasters, in different colours. This gift could liven up an office setting with bursts of nostalgia.

3. No I Will Not Fix Your Computer Keychain

This funny key holder which reads ‘No, I will not fix your computer’ represents an affordable novelty they will appreciate for years.

2. Excel VBA Programming For Dummies

Know someone who has just landed their entry level coding/ programming role? Then this book is not only thoughtful but also useful for anyone who is just starting out in their career!

1. Wood and Acrylic Plaque

A personalised wood and acrylic plaque could make a really thoughtful gift for any programmer/ coder because you are able to personalise it and add a sentimental, personal message which could nicely be displayed on their desk!

We have selected a variety of different types of gift ideas for anyone who has a passion for coding and programming, hopefully, you now have a better idea and a bit of inspiration on what to buy!

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