DeltaXML’s FrameMaker Plugin

DeltaXML’s FrameMaker Plugin extends the full or XML Author versions of Adobe FrameMaker to support specialised XML comparisons. XML documents are compared our Comparator products.


DITA Topic Comparison

This plugin specialises in the comparison of DITA topics using DeltaXML’s DITA Compare product allowing it to fit easily into your current DITA projects and processes.

Highlighted Change

Comparison results use standard DITA markup to highlight change. This format allows the DITA Open Toolkit to be used to render a ‘redlined’ result, with adds/deletes highlighted using colours and underline/strikethrough styling.

FrameMaker Track Changes

The comparison result represents differences using the FrameMaker track changes format, so changes can be reviewed in FrameMaker in the usual way.

DeltaXML’s FrameMaker Plugin