XML for Publishers

Discover how change, when harnessed and managed, can add real value to a publishing business. The widespread use of XML structured documentation systems, and the deployment of XML-aware change management tools, has made it possible to bring all of the advantages of structured information to the publishing of change.

Manage differences. Embrace change.

Change is one of the dynamics of the publishing world – a consequence of industrial or scientific advance, of shifting fashions, of political whim or of the editor’s red pencil. But the casualties of change should not be seen as a waste product, for the old can be as meaningful as the new and the difference, a thing of real value.

Structured documentation has transformed the world of publishing with the ability to be treated like a database, capable of an infinite number of outputs. But structured documentation demands sophisticated management, not just to facilitate the creation and editing of documents but to manage the process of change.

Download this White Paper to:

  • Review the structured documentation and its advantages.
  • Learn how to embrace your changing documents to manage workflows successfully and find hidden value in change.
  • Understand how the change management tools of today may be hindering you rather than helping.
  • Review various publishing applications that XML-aware change tracking tools can provide.

Worse still, poor management of document change can also present real business risks such as failure to comply with regulatory or legal conditions.

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