Creating Profitable Products Based on Difference and Change

Presented at Tekom 2020, Product Director Tristan Mitchell demonstrates how to create additional revenue around your document-based products by providing value-add to your customers.

Bringing Fresh Revenue by Adding Extra Value to Change

Change can be valuable to those managing or consuming content and its value depends on the context: it could be monetary – providing extra revenue, it could be avoiding the consequences of non-compliance, or it could provide competitive advantage for your product.

We’ve seen many of our customers build additional products from representing change. Watch as Product Director, Tristan Mitchell shows you where and how they created secondary revenue from existing documents.

Watch this presentation to:

  • Understand the different types of change and how to identify them.
  • Review the high-level detail of change management.
  • Understand how to visualise change and think about change profitably.

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Documentation is everywhere and is often used to support whatever product is the main focus of the business. But there are also cases where the document IS the product… They make their revenue from selling documents.

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XML for Publishers

Discover how change, when harnessed and managed, can add real value to a publishing business. The widespread use of XML structured documentation systems, and the deployment of XML-aware change management tools, has made it possible to bring all of the advantages of structured information to the publishing of change.

XML Compare is a complete toolkit for reliable XML diff comparison. Download the product sheet to understand how the solution helps to identify all the meaningful diffs between any two XML files.

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