XML in Publishing: The Challenges and Opportunities of Change in XML Documents

Presented on 23rd June 2022 @ 5pm GMT | 9am PST | 12pm EST

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Don’t be caught out by change

If you’re working in publishing, there’s two things that are almost certain. One, you’re working with some form of structured document containing XML (with or without your knowledge). Two, your publication will change constantly throughout its lifecycle. Chances are your published document will have a past and a future, filled with additions, deletions, added value and outdated jargon. Finding what has changed is a start, but means little when those changes contain irrelevant data, are hard to read and even harder to process because of tools not understanding XML.

More control over how change is represented speeds up and enhances your publishing process, especially when you can adapt the output of changes for different reviewers, editors or even customers.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the advantages of XML and structured documentation within publishing.
  • Understand the difference between comparing change and tracking change and which provides better results depending on scenario.
  • How change can be represented in different outputs, including within different systems, processes or sent as regular pdfs.
  • Explore various publishing applications which could offer additional opportunities or financial value.

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Presented by

Robin La Fontaine

Robin La Fontaine


Robin is the founder of DeltaXML. With a background in Engineering Science (Oxford) and a masters in Computer Science, his software career includes computer aided design and much of the DeltaXML technology originates from this area – the management of change in electronic circuits is a complex problem where accuracy is critical. He has grown DeltaXML from very small beginnings to a leading position with major corporate and public sector customers. Keeping information up to date is a constant challenge, and those that manage change well gain a significant competitive advantage.

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