Semcon Saves up to 50% of the Time Required to Validate Revised Documents with DeltaXML

“The implementation of DeltaXML’s software into Semcon’s existing applications enabled a quantum leap forward in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness.”

David Sonden

Manager Business Development, Semcon Informatic


Time saved during reviewing process

Improved functionality

XML Compare removed complexity, providing faster implementation of products


of time saved for client SMEs

About Semcon

Semcon is an international technology company with more than 1,800 employees in seven different countries. We help our customers in transforming technology into excellent user experiences by uniting premium physical and digital solutions.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Company Size: Enterprise (1000+ employees)

Location: Global

Products Used

XML Compare

The Challenge

Tight deadlines with no space for error

Working closely with clients’ Research and Development Departments, technical authors from Semcon are responsible for the preparation and delivery of service instructions, installation manuals, and owners’ manuals.

Tight deadlines for new product introductions create a constant flow of review sessions with global customers in the company’s offices every day of the year. With no latitude for error, transformation of original technical specifications into comprehensive, accurate manuals is critical. The ability to consistently identify updates and mirror changes in existing information carries added significance.

As technical documentation becomes more complex, using DITA or similar XML structured documents becomes essential.

The problem of transforming this technical information into user-friendly manuals also becomes much harder. Multiple updates and iterations are needed and these must be carefully controlled and reviewed.

The Solution

Quick Comparisons, easy to understand results

Here, DeltaXML’s unique ability to compare structured documents with accuracy becomes the cornerstone for handling this complexity. Its ability to produce results that are easy to understand, especially where changes are made to tabular data, means that best use is made of the experts’ time as they review changes.

The implementation of DeltaXML’s software into Semcon’s existing applications of customers’ systems, and its own XML-based Kentucky content management system, CMS, enabled a quantum leap forward in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness.

XML Compare

The Results

Time saved for Semcon and their customers

  • XML Compare integrated with the Semcon’s existing CMS, removing complexity and providing faster implementation.
  • A commercially-attractive short-cut for Semcon, saving time, money and resources; with a 30% reduction in time during the review phase.
  • Improved turnaround times for projects with short-lead times.
  • Saving of up to 50% in the time required by client SMEs, working on and offline, with the technical authors for their validation of the revised documentation.
  • A well-tested component for commercial environments, where standardisation vitally builds confidence amongst all users.

“DeltaXML has introduced a stable, well-tested component into our commercial environment where standardisation is critical, simultaneously building confidence for technical authors and users alike.”

David Sonden

Manager Business Development, Semcon Informatic

Let’s Deal with Change

DeltaXML’s products are used throughout the world, from SMEs to global enterprises. Our comparison and merging software transform the way our customers handle change in their XML documents, XML data and JSON files. If the above story resonated with your own challenges get in touch with us by either booking a demo or filling in our contact form.

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