Our DocBook Compare product has been helping our customers to identify and publish content changes in their DocBook-based documentation for over 10 years. In that time, the product has changed a lot with new features made available to provide functionality for accurate table comparison, inline format handling, understanding content moves and binary image comparison.

Improving Performance

Over the last months, we have been moving our products forwards with updated comparison techniques and algorithms for improved performance. In our testing with real customer data we have seen performance improvements of up to 15% reduction in comparison time for technical documentation. The speed reduction is particularly noticeable for documents that make significant use of tabular content.

What does this mean for you? It’s important to note that these performance improvements have not reduced the quality of the comparison. You can still rely on the exceptional accuracy that you’ve come to expect from DocBook Compare. But now you will also benefit from the rewards of performance improvement. Faster comparison requires fewer resources and this of course leads to cost-savings whether that’s reducing direct cost of cloud-computing resources or freeing up your on-premise servers for other work. Reduction of time to production improves process efficiency which also contributes to potential cost savings.

Saving Time with DocBook Compare

When it comes to automating publication of content change, customers implementing DocBook Compare benefit from significant reductions in person-hours. Improved performance in the latest release of DocBook Compare only adds to the cost savings associated with those reductions.

What next?

If you’re already using DocBook Compare make sure you upgrade to receive the benefits of these performance improvements. If you’re new to automated comparison, get in touch or sign up to one of our webinars to see how DocBook Compare, or one of our other products, could bring you significant cost reductions in your publication workflow.