Move detection when comparing XML files

DeltaXML introduces an enhanced move detection feature that provides a clearer insight of how your content has changed.

Effortlessly Manage Known Differences During Conversion Checks

Focus on unknown differences with DeltaXML’s new ignore change feature for ConversionQA.

Introducing ConversionQA

ConversionQA is introduced as a solution to comparing content across different XML formats, addressing scenarios like content conversion and restructuring documents.

Enhanced SVG Comparison with XML Compare 14.1: Introducing Z-Index Change Highlighting, Animated Changes and more

Improved SVG comparison available.

A New and Improved SVG Markup for DITA and DocBook Comparison

XML Compare 13 introduces further SVG comparison features, utilising XSLT to visually represent changes in SVG.

DocBook Compare, but not as you know it!

DeltaXML has released DocBook Compare 9.0, featuring a new REST API to meet customer demands for easier integration.

Plug in to Content Compare

The latest version of Content Compare offers support for editors like Framemaker and Arbortext and introduces improved handling of metadata within documents.

XML Compare 14.0 makes HTML table comparison effortless

DeltaXML has released XML Compare Version 14, featuring significant improvements in HTML table diffs.

Time for REST (API) with DITA Compare

DITA Compare, a long-standing solution for managing DITA documents, is introducing a new REST API in its latest version, 11.0.

XML Compare V13 brings improved SVG functionality

XML Compare V13 introduces enhanced SVG functionality, marking a departure from treating SVG images as regular XML.

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