Full APIs for integration and embedding

DeltaXML products are optimised for integration into any enterprise workflow and content management systems. All of product functionality is accessed through Java or REST APIs, which are fully documented and come with complete, working examples.

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Built to fit your environment

We’ve designed our APIs with the clear intent of making it quick and simple to integrate DeltaXML’s toolkits into your own environment, whether you are a Java developer or not.

Access though Java and REST APIs

Our products are built on Java technology and all feature either a Java API, a REST API, or both.

Compare and merge 2 or more XML files with Java API

Java objects are designed to be instantiated and reused for successive comparison or merge operations. All of our products rely heavily on XSLT and stylesheets are compiled at start up. Keeping your comparison objects available for successive use avoids having to recompile XSLT over and over again, saving you significant time per comparison.

Keep it simple when comparing and merging XML and JSON with REST API

REST APIs allow you to use DeltaXML products from a much wider range of programming languages. Compare and merge jobs sent to the REST server are queued when necessary and our REST APIs include endpoints to check on the status of any job.

Don’t waste time building the refined

Depending on the XML or JSON toolkit of interest, different options are available to you.

XML Compare
XML Data Compare
DITA Compare
DocBook Compare
XML Merge
DITA Merge

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