When Overlapping XML Meets Changing XML Does Confusion Reign?

The issue of how best to represent overlapping hierarchy in XML has been the topic of a number of papers over the years. This paper is a further contribution to this important issue but approaching the problem from a different direction.

Improving representation to changes in markup hierarchy

Our goal is to represent changes to documents, and one type of change is change to the markup hierarchy. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to be able to represent not only changes to the hierarchy, typically resulting in overlapping hierarchy, but also changes to attributes and text.

Our work started with a delta format for two or more documents, which easily represents inline changes, but handles hierarchy change by duplicating content. In order to avoid duplication, we introduce a distinction between the name of the element (its tag) and the element content, so that assertions can be made separately.

Download this Conference Paper to:

  • Understand the issues faced when representing changes in markup hierarchy.
  • Learn how we can better represent markup hierarchy.
  • Understand how XML attributes can be compared and changes represented.

The representation described here is pure XML. As such, standard XML processing tools such as XSLT and XQuery can be used to process it. Each of the original document variants can be extracted: this was our primary goal and is an important feature.

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