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XML Compare Product Demo

Watch XML Compare in action as we take you through not only how XML Compare works but how it compares with other XML comparison techniques. This demo is a great introduction to the power behind DeltaXML’s most popular comparison toolkit.

The Most Capable XML Comparison Tool.

XML Compare identifies all of the differences between any two XML files according to your specified configuration. Accessed through Java or REST APIs, this toolkit is used throughout the world by governments, banks, aircraft manufacturers, and the defence industry, where 100% accuracy is vital.

Product Director, Tristan Mitchell takes you through the powerful functionality of XML Compare and why other XML comparison tools struggle to compete.

Watch this product demo to:

  • Learn who uses XML Compare and why.
  • Take a look at how XML Compare compares to other diffing techniques.
  • Watch XML Compare in action.
  • Learn how you can configure XML Compare with XSLT pipelines.

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They’ve moved on to using something like a line-by-line comparison tool… The problem there is that you get a lot of false positives, so it will be showing you differences that aren’t really differences. They’re different textually but because it doesn’t understand the syntax of XML, those aren’t real changes.

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XML Compare is a complete toolkit for reliable XML diff comparison. Download the product sheet to understand how the solution helps to identify all the meaningful diffs between any two XML files.

With the help from DeltaXML’s XML Compare toolkit, Wrycan delivered a solution which integrated XML Compare with their Content Base product. This allows NFPA to manage all their content in a single repository, adding automated comparisons in a product-agnostic form.

Presented at Tekom 2020, Product Director Tristan Mitchell looks at how content changes across the whole content lifecycle and discusses how comparison tools can be used to help you keep control and maintain your sanity.