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Find the change between 2 XML files and represent the difference in a way that makes sense to you.

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"Working with DeltaXML was the easiest relationship we’ve ever had." quote from Srinivas Suravarapu, CEO and Architect, Scribestar

Comparing 2 XML files…

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Representing every change*

*Unless you’ve specified certain change you don’t want to see

The XML Compare algorithms work through your two XML files, analysing their structure and matching up all the corresponding elements between them.

XML Compare identifies all of the differences in your content according to your specific configuration. It then writes them to an output file which combines your original content with new markup detailing the changes.

Results are passed through a pipeline so you can transform the output into whatever form your business or systems require. Whether that’s to be managed in your CMS or generated into personalised HTML reports. This is all managed through the XML Compare API.

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Compare XML with 100% confidence

Unlike line by line comparison tools, XML Compare works within the structure of your files to identify real change.

Rich API makes integration simple

DeltaXML products are optimised for integration into any enterprise workflow and content management systems. All of product functionality is accessed through Java or REST APIs, which are fully documented and come with complete, working examples.

Save time by only seeing the changes that matter

You’re in control when it comes to the changes you wish to see. XML Compare can be configured to tell you about the differences that matter to you and ignore those that don’t, including changes to attributes, the order of content, differences in whitespace and external links.

An XML Comparison toolkit that speaks XML

XML Compare understands namespaces and prefixes and can be configured to use keys to guide alignment of content. The pairing process uses a combination of element names, parent names, position in the XML tree and the structure of child elements meaning XML Compare isn’t just powerful but reliable.

An easily processable delta format

Once found, changes to your content are output in our simple XML-based delta format for easy processing. Designed to be easily transformed using XSLT, our delta format sits lightly within the original XML content to ensure that your results are as close as possible to the original XML format.

An important component for revising XML documents

If you are working with documents or textual content, you have fine control over differences between words, sentences and whole blocks of text. XML Compare also allows you to specify how formatting changes are reported meaning you can decide if changes are shown differently for internal and external viewers.

Works with any XML

XML Compare is perfect for finding the differences between any type of XML files, including popular specifications such as S1000D, XBRL, DITA, DocBook or any other structured XML format.

"Working with DeltaXML was the easiest relationship we’ve ever had." quote from Srinivas Suravarapu, CEO and Architect, Scribestar

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